On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show David Thweatt, superintendent of Harrold ISD, talked with Chad Hasty about teachers with concealed carry on school campuses.

In light of the horrific school shooting that took place at a Connecticut elementary school, Harrold ISD is now attracting attention for its "Guardian Plan," that permits teachers to concealed carry on campus. Thweatt said that the district had several passive security measures in place, but after several school shooting in Pennsylvania and Virginia Tech, he enacted the plan in October of 2007.

"We implemented this plan, and as far as I'm concerned, this is something that need to happen not just in rural areas school. It needs to happen everywhere because of this awful event that took place and every educator that heard it was just so sad. And I think not just educators, anyone who though about these small children being killed brutally.

Although the plan had its opponents, Thweatt said the argument of "guns and schools don't mix" is a very poor argument, and that more children die from accidental drowning than by guns. Thweatt also said that the safety of his students is his paramount concern, and any place that is labeled a "Gun Free Zone" is just inviting trouble because it is obvious that they are not protected.

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