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A policy requiring City of Lubbock employees with concealed handgun licenses (CHL) to attain written permission to carry a gun while on duty remains in effect after the city council indefinitely postponed discussions on the matter.

City Manager James Loomis retains universal authority to allow licensed employees to carry a weapon on duty on a case-by-case basis, after items by both Mayor Glenn Robertson and Councilman Victor Hernandez were tabled indefinitely. The policy went into effect mid-November.

Robertson, who believes Loomis should not have ultimate authority in the matter, said tabling the items was irresponsible and wanted to have the city’s elected officials vote on the issue, rather than a hired employee.

Hernandez countered by saying Loomis is within his right as city manager to enact policies regarding City of Lubbock personnel.

A split council voted to postpone any discussion; Mayor Robertson dissented along with Mayor Pro-tem Jim Gerlt and Council Woman Karen Gibson.

Anthony Wilson, a firearm instructor and school teacher, was the only citizen to speak before the council. He believes the policy conflicts with the US and Texas constitutions as well as Texas Local Government Code Subsection 229.001. The subsection deals with what municipalities can or cannot enforce over the state government and does reference the ability for a municipality to require employees to carry a gun, but not to be unarmed on duty.

Although the policy remains in effect, councilmembers may add a resolution concerning the policy to further city council agendas.

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