Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Chad Hasty talked about the issue surrounding the recent letter from Lubbock City Manager James Loomis to city employees, requiring even those licensed to carry handguns by the state of Texas to receive his permission to do so on city property or while in city vehicles.

Hasty went deep into the story, and also discussed Rice University's decision to prohibit licensed carry on campus.

While expounding on the issue Hasty said,

It's rare that I hope the city of Lubbock get sued, because really at the end of the day it does hurt taxpayers. But I'll say this: If this policy goes through, where James Loomis, or the City Manager in this city, is allowed to be the gun czar and allowed to tell people, allowed to tell city employees they can or can't carry, I hope this city is sued. I hope there's a big fat lawsuit against this city, for millions and millions and millions of dollars, it would serve them right. And so if the City Council goes through with it, oh absolutely, I'm going to be advocating for a lawsuit. Sue the hell out of them, it's what should happen. You infringe on the Second Amendment, you should absolutely be sued. If Loomis wasn't already, didn't already have one foot out the door, he should be fired for this alone. Thinking that he, an unelected, unelected! Can just come in, unelected official can come in and overrule the Second Amendment. And this is happening in Lubbock Texas.

Listen to the rest of Hasty's thoughts on the matter, as well as a couple of great listener calls in the video box above.

An excellent summary of this issue with the text of the Loomis letter to city employees, as well as Mayor Glen Robertson's response, is available here.

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