On Wednesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, the subject of an attempted ban of responsible and licensed citizens carrying their weapons into Lubbock City Council meetings for protection was discussed by Chad Hasty.

Latrelle Joy, a member of the Lubbock City Council, was interviewed earlier in the morning on Lubbock's First News about the proposed bans (for both concealed and open carry), which she introduced. Hasty, while providing his thoughts on the subject and Joy's interview said,

You could just tell, I think, by listening to her, it's just someone who doesn't, who doesn't like guns. Doesn't understand it, doesn't like it, doesn't know why you need to carry. It's almost a disdain of people who carry. And maybe I'm reading into that a little too much, I don't know, but that's what I get from a lot of people who don't like those who concealed carry; is that they just, they don't like guns, they don't like people who like guns. They have a disdain for it, they think it's stupid, and that there's no need. And that you're the threat. When in reality if you actually look at numbers, if you look at statistics, those with a CHL [Concealed Handgun License] are very safe people, very responsible people, and account for very, very, very little gun crime and crime overall in this state. Again, those are just the pesky facts that are out there.

Listen to Chad's thoughts in the video box above.

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