Texas Tech has set another spring enrollment record.

The university topped last spring’s record of 30,102 students, reaching 30,399 students enrolled as of the 12th day of classes.

Tech says that they are well on the way to meeting their institutional goal of 40,000 students by the year 2020.

“Thanks to the dedication of our leadership, staff, and faculty, Texas Tech continues to make great strides in our priority of continued growth in both student enrollment and academic quality, and the spring enrollment record is evidence of our recent progress and success,” said Kent Hance, Texas Tech University System chancellor.

The university had 654 new graduate students and 137 new freshmen for the spring semester, which nearly doubles last spring’s totals in each category. They also have a total of 967 first-time undergraduate enrollees on campus as well.

“While we are pleased with our continued growth, we are doing so by attracting some of the best and brightest students,” said Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech interim president.