On Tuesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby, managing director of Breitbart Texas, spoke with Chad Hasty about some of the major stories on the site.

Breitbart Texas launched just last week, and according to Darby, has already delivered a number of original and investigative stories dealing with politics in Texas. Darby explained that people tend to get complacent in Texas because it's such a strong Republican state. However, he warned that just because a politician says they're Republican does not mean they are true conservatives.

"One of the things that people don't understand [is that] people get complacent, especially in Lubbock and West Texas where it's predominately very conservative. People get complacent and they think that because someone has an "R" after their name, that somehow means that they're not part of an effort to tun our state into a big government, wasteful blue state. Just because someone's called a Republican doesn't mean that they are actually a conservative and that they're actually pushing for constitutional government, that they're actually pushing for lack of waste, for low taxes, and for the things that we now know, and world history shows over and over again, are equated with freedom."

Darby added that it's important to take a look at the people behind the politician and who is supporting them to tell who's side they're really on.

One of the major stories on Breitbart Texas deals with the Texas Tribune and the publication distancing itself from the Battleground Texas controversy. Darby said that there's a thin line between journalism and activism, and that many major publications such as the Texas Tribune are leaning left of center now, and that they should be moe honest about their political leanings.

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