On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby from Breitbart Texas spoke with Chad Hasty about the latest state news.

Recently, word has gotten around in Central and South America that the U.S borders are completely open, Now, parents in those countires are scrambling to send their kids across the border because, allegedly,  they will not be turned away. As a result, the U.S. border patrol has become overwhelmed by a huge spike in kids, some as young as 12 years old, attempting to cross the U.S-Mexico border.

Pictures of these kids have been circulating across national media, showing many kids crammed into small cells and in poor health conditions. Darby said that while the idea of sending a child alone across the border may seem outrageous to U.S. parents, it's an entirely different story for Central and South American parents.

Darby explained that in these countries, many of these kids are forced into gangs or into the sex trade once they become of age. He went on to say that for these impoverished parents, they see this as their one chance to give their kids a better life.

"We can't imagine sending our kids across cartel-ridden lands to go into a foreign country without us. But I think it might be different if you were from a land where your kids were being taken and forced to join...criminal gangs or are being taken and forced into sex slavery. I mean, it's an atrocious situation going on, and I think that's a lot of what's going on."

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