Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby, Managing Director of Breitbart Texas, talked about what he found when looking into the Bundy Ranch story.

Darby recalled that after hearing some reports by the media about the situation on the Bundy family ranch, he went to find out the truth about what was going on. The ranch is in Nevada, near the Arizona-Utah intersection of the border. The initial stories being reported by the media were that the federal government was attempting to take away the land that the Bundy family had been using since the 1800s.

While this was true in part, Darby found there were more details to the story. In the 1800s, Nevada began attempting to populate the state, offering land to bring people there to settle and to help them farm and ranch. At that time, the federal government owned quite a bit of the land in Nevada; they offered two areas to the Bundy family for ranching to settle. About 20 years ago, the government told the Bundys that there is a species of endangered turtles on their land and they would need to decrease the number of cattle they had to avoid killing off the turtles. This led to land ownership and control problems. The family believes the government cannot tell them to make this change on land they have a right to. However, some of the issue arose because the Bundy family had since taken on two additional areas of land that they did not have the rights to because they had not been given those by the government.

Even more drama began taking place when 400 people and the local SWAT team showed up on the ranch. The SWAT team was holding the cattle hostage and the ranchers, family, and protestors were ready to defend the land. Before any real clash broke out, the SWAT team backed off and released the cattle, vowing to pursue judicial action rather than violence. Darby suggested, "It was really strange because in a way it was really heartwarming to see people take a stand for something and the government concede and back down."

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