On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin joined Chad and Rex on the program to discuss what happened at yesterday's city council meeting.

This morning, Mayor Martin brought a guest with him: Gretchen Scott, the Presdient of the Friends of the Library. Scott talked about the upcoming Book Fair, which will be held at Mahon Library on October 21st through October 23rd. There will be a large number of books for sale, as well as DVD, records, CDs, and some silent auction items.

Martin also talked about nighttime meetings for city council, saying that he was opposed against the idea.  He also talked about Tent City, saying that it was never intended to be a permanent fix, and that the homelss issue will always be somehing the city had to deal with.

Mayor Martin also talked about construction, the health department, and Occupy Lubbock.