On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin talked with Chad and Rex about the latest issues affecting the City of Lubbock.

One of the biggest issues affecting the city is the proposed rate increase by Atmos Energy for Lubbock, and the effect it would have on the surrounding communities.

"They [Atmos Energy] are proposing to lump us in with all of the rural rate payers in West Texas, which means that our costs would go up dramatically more than actually the cost of service."

Mayor Martin said that the council would most likely postpone the rate increase for at least 90 days. He said that if a consensus could not be reached in that time, the issue would then go to the Railroad Commision.

Mayor Martin also talked about the congressional redistricting issue that has finally been settled. He said that while the primaries, which will now take place on May 29th, would not overlap the local elections on May 12th, he is a little concerned about the two elections being so close together.

Mayor Martin also discussed a number of other issues, such as water restrictions, gas prices, city and county relations, and the health department.