On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin joined Chad and Rex in studio to discuss the latest news coming out of the city council.

At yesterday's City Council meeting, the discussion about the city budget was halted by a disagreement on taxes. Councilman Victor Hernandez wanted to raise taxes, but Martin disagreed.

"My personal philosophy is you set what the revenue parameters are going to be on the taxes and you develop a budget within those parameters. Otherwise, you end up with a situation like the Federal government.

Also at yesterday's meeting, the city voted to keep all four Lubbock pools open for the summer and fill them up before the April 1st water restrictions go into effect.

Mayor Martin also took several calls concerning the Occupy Lubbock protest on 19th and University. Martin said that, although he disagrees with the movement, the protesters are expressing their first amendment rights and so far are not causing trouble like the other Occupy movements.