On Friday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Brandon Darby, managing director from Breitbart Texas, spoke with Chad Hasty about the latest coming out of this year Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC).

For the second year in a row, Breitbart News is hosting "The Uninvited" panel at CPAC, which features speakers and topics that are absent from the CPAC agenda, such as pro-life issues and border security. Darby said it was "saddening" that the CPAC conservatives seemed to by shying away from these issues, and explained that there seems to be a desire amongst the senior conservatives to get along with everyone. However, he pointed out that Texas voters will not show up if the candidates will not stand up for principles.

"There tends to be a desire to appease and to get along. And the issue is that the conservative voters don't turn out to vote when you don't stand for principles...We have an issue where there is a number of senior people, and keep in mind these are the senior people that were in the Republican party or on the conservative movement who have been the senior people through the loss with McCain and remained the senior people through the loss with Romney, who continue to make decisions and have influence over where conservative put their attention. So like I said, when you don't stand up for values, people don't turn out and vote."

Darby added that the Democrats have been dehumanizing the Republicans as "rich racist White people," and compared trying to get along with them to a divorce settlement, saying that if someone is bound and determined to take everything from you, trying to appease them will do nothing.

Darby also shared his thoughts on Tuesday's primary election results, specifically Wendy Davis losing several Democratic counties in Texas. He noted that is was pretty significant that half of the predominantly Hispanic border counties did not vote for her. He added that since Davis has positioned herself as the "abortion candidate," she may have actually distanced herself from those predominantly Catholic communities, who have traditionally been pro-life.

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