The Texas House and Senate both want to cut taxes. However, in a plan laid out yesterday the House would cut the sales tax which would save the average family of 4 $172 per year. The Senate plan would cut property taxes for homeowners and save the average homeowner $206 in the first year. According to the Texas Tribune, Rep. Dennis Bonnen told reporters that the House plan would help all Texans.

Bonnen also described his plan as being more impactful than the Senate plan, saying that a sales tax cut would be felt by renters and businesses, while the Senate’s property tax cut would only affect homeowners.

“In short, this plan delivers more tax relief to more taxpayers, which means it will yield more economic growth,” Bonnen said.

Several business groups have criticized the Senate tax plan, arguing it doesn't provide enough relief to businesses, particularly larger ones. Soon after Bonnen unveiled his tax cut plan Wednesday, Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond praised it.

“The House tax cut plan will benefit all Texas citizens and businesses," Hammond said in a statement. "It is fair, balanced, and is a winner for everyone.”

Texas voters, particularly those who participate in Republican primaries, have expressed more frustration over local property taxes than the state’s sales tax. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrickmade implementing property tax cuts a centerpiece of his successful campaign to unseat David Dewhurst. Bonnen said he believed Republican primary voters would be happy that lawmakers were debating what taxes to cut so vigorously.

Which would you rather have lawmakers cut? Property taxes or the Sales tax?

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