Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the Owner and producer of Quorum Report Harvey Kronberg joined Matt Martin and Paul R. Bean to talk about property taxes, HB2, Dan Pope and Dustin Burrows, the new Texas Tech regents, and more.

On the topic of property taxes, Harvey said that appraisals on houses are having more to do with driving property taxes up than the tax rate is. He went on to say,

"The rate is only accelerating. People in central cities may see 20-25% increase in their appraisal, but even if you kept the same rate then property taxes would still be skyrocketing. So it could be a solution or a part of a solution, but no one is going to see their property taxes go down."

Kronberg also discussed the new Texas Tech regents that were just appointed by the governor. He was asked if it is unusual to see several regents appointed at once, to which Kronberg explained that this is a normal occurance and even happened at another Texas college recently.

Watch the full interview with Harvey Kronberg in the video above.

Harvey Kronberg is the owner and producer of the Quorum Report and you can read more stories like this at his website

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