Are You Ready For Football? [POLL]
If you are fan of Texas Tech, the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans, or the Kansas City Chiefs, there is some good news. Football season is here.
Last week a handful of college football teams kicked off a new season and this weekend in the college ranks, the Big 12, ACC, and SEC all kick-off (even t…
Will You Watch The Republican National Convention? [POLL]
The 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina begins today. Coverage on the cable news channels begins around 7:30 p.m. CT. The networks will only carry the final hour of each night. The convention begins tonight and wraps up with President Donald Trump's acceptance speec…
Would You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine If Approved By The Government?
As we all know, coronavirus has really screwed up things in the United States and around the world. The way we work has changed, the way kids learn has changed, and if you have gone on vacation lately, you are actually pretty lucky.
While citizens are social distancing, washing their hands, and even …

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