Tuesday on KFYO Mornings Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens joined Dave King and Matt Martin to talk about many issues in Lubbock right now including the recent frequency of shootings, the police driving Mustangs, high-speed chases, police substations, and more.

Stevens started the discussion by talking about the increase in shootings as of late, including 5 homicides so far this year, and 3 others that did not result in homicides. "It's something we are really really looking at. We typically don't see that many in such a short amount of time, certainly not in the first month of the year," said Stevens. He discussed how several factors can lead to shootings such as drug related activities and domestic conflicts, but stressed that,

"If you're leading an everyday life, going to work, going to school, and being a good contributing member of society, your chances of being a victim of a random act of violence are extraordinarily low."

The chief also spoke on the usefulness of having officers drive Mustangs as compared to the usual Tahoe police vehicle. He described them as being a middle ground between motorcycles and the typical Tahoe, where motorcycles are generally very fast and can be used for traffic control, but can not be used at night and require special training, and a Tahoe which is equipped with a cage and computer. "You are kind of getting the best of both worlds," said Stevens.

Finally, Chief Stevens talked about the future police substations around Lubbock and his involvement with them. He had proposed to the city to have a modest headquarters, three police substations, a new property room, and a new lab. Stevens believes that this is an important step to having a partnership with the community.

You can listen to the full interview with Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens in the video above.

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