Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Jeff Griffith joined Dave and Matt to talk about last nights city council meeting, the continued vaccination efforts in Lubbock, changes to the city charter, various completed and ongoing projects in Lubbock, and more.

On the topic of vaccinations in Lubbock, The Councilman said that things are going very well at the Lubbock Civic Center, where vaccines are being administered, with about 2,000 people getting vaccinated just yesterday. Griffith also mentioned that even more vaccines could be coming saying, "It's going well. Numbers are heading in the right direction. Not to give anybody false hope, but were looking forward to having more inventory futuristically." When asked if he had been vaccinated himself yet, Jeff said he hadn't, but was scheduled to be soon.

The Councilman also talked about the ongoing charter changes that have been in discussion. When asked if there has been talk of giving council members and the mayor a paycheck for their work in the city, Griffith said that it was discussed yesterday. The council received data from other major Texas cities that showed them what other council members and mayors make, and they have been using that data in their discussions. Griffith did mention that the original charter was written in 1917, and while it was very well written, and one that the people of Lubbock should be proud of their forefathers for, it is still outdated in several areas. Griffith said that according to the charter, citizens would need to vote on a potential pay raise, and if such a thing ever did happen, it would be for future city councils and not the existing council. Other charter topics included cleanups on outdated charters, the Coliseum in relation to Texas Tech which could be removed, and issues that deal with Texas state law.

Griffith also discussed various completed and ongoing projects in Lubbock and the surrounding area. The Councilman said that the extension of Interstate 27 is absolutely their top priority, but that it is both a state and federal issue and therefore would need funding from both. Another ongoing project is the police substations positioned around Lubbock, the crime lab, and the evidence warehouse. Griffith explained that the substations are around 60% complete at this time, and he is very excited for those to come in as quickly as possible as Lubbock continues to grow. The crime lab and evidence warehouse are still in the design phase. And finally, Griffith talked about Buddy Holly Hall. The Councilman said that he did a walk-through a few weeks ago, and that the facility is really breathtaking and something that every citizen should be proud of. He looks forward to seeing a lot of performers from around the world coming to perform in Lubbock.


Watch the full interview with Jeff Griffith in the video above.

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