A Lubbock man is in custody following a robbery and shooting. The Lubbock Police Department was dispatched to on Tuesday, October 17, to the 6600 block of Belmont Avenue on reports of a robbery in progress.

Police arrived to a home in the area where a female victim told police she had arrived and found Castillo's car in her driveway where she noticed the back door had been cracked. The female suspect then proceeded to enter the home where she could hear noises and decided to grab a firearm from her bedroom dresser. After arming herself the victim went down the hall where she encountered 46-year-old Marco Castillo yelling at him to leave the home and alerting him that she did have a weapon.

KAMC news reports that Castillo asked not to be shot but instead pulled out his own firearm which caused the victim to shoot. The gun did not have a bullet in that chamber causing the suspect to flee for fear of her life from Castillo as he fired several rounds at her. The victim was able to get to another room where she yelled at Castillo to get out of her home and then fired the gun in his direction. Castillo did eventually leave the home and the victim noticed that her home had been thoroughly searched.

Castillo was later arrested in the 6700 block of Brentwood Avenue and found various controlled substances on him. Police did search his vehicle and noticed a bullet hole in the vehicle and a substance that eventually tested positive as marijuana. There were no reported injuries from any of the gunshots.

Castillo was arrested and has seven different charges including possession charges, Aggravated Robbery, and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. As per the publishing of this article, Castillo remains in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $87,000

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