Today on Lubbock's First News Neugebauer gave his opinion on Obamacare and outlined the Farm Bill to be voted on today.

Neugebauer describes Obamacare as a "healthcare act that the American people didn't want and after they got it they want to get rid of it." He stated that defunding the policy has been voted on many times and that "the President is having a difficult time implementing it." Neugebauer believes that ultimately, "the solution here is to resend this piece of legislation and start over with a clean piece of paper that really brings affordable, accessible, and valuable healthcare for the American people."

Neugebauer noted that there will be a vote to extend the government beyond the expiration date. He said that one reason for this extension would be to allow more time to defund Obamacare.

Finally, Neugebauer reminded listeners that the Farm Bill would be voted on today. The bill was split between agricultural production and food stamp components. He explained that the "Farm Bill, or the production-agriculture side of the bill is going to be a five-year bill. The reauthorization for the Food Stamp Bill is only supposed to be a three-year bill... The bill will be divided permanently." It's success will be dependent on today's votes.

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