On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Nick Ochsner from KAMC 28 talked with Chad Hasty live form West, Texas to discuss how the town is faring after last night's massive explosion.

Last night, the town of West, Texas was devastated when a fertilizer plant caught fire and exploded last night. Now, the morning after the explosion, many parts of the town resemble a "war zone." Oschner said the blast was so powerful that a number of storefront windows in downtown West were shattered, and that the whole area looks like a natural diasater hit.  He added the devastation has spread far beyond the 5-block radius of the blast, and that the entire town of West has been affected by this tragedy.

"We've only been here for about an hour or so and already you can tell that there is not a part of this little town...that hasn't been impacted or touched by this explosion. Everywhere you go, there are folks crying and emotional and just trying to soak in what has happened. And you come to places like downtown where you see the physical damage. And essentially, you kind of feel for this town in Central Texas and these folks that have just had their world rocked upside down."

As of this morning, Ochsner reported that there has been no change in the number of killed and injured in the blast, which has reported killed between 5-15 people and injures over 160 more.

Ochsner said the town is currently telling people to stay away from West, and if people really want to help, the best thing they can do is donate blood for the hospitals.

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