Tuesday night, the Lubbock City Council held a special city council meeting to receive a report from the Tornado Warning System Task Force.  The task force was created earlier this year to explore re-implementing a tornado siren warning system in Lubbock.

The last time the city had a tornado siren warning system was in May of 1970.  The May 11, 1970 Lubbock Tornado destroyed the infrastructure for the city-wide system and it wasn't rebuilt.

The task force recommended a multifaceted approach including IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System), use of existing Reverse 9-1-1 systems, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), social media and a new tornado siren warning system.  A map, from the task force, of proposed locations for new tornado sirens is shown at the beginning of this story.

After hearing the report, Mayor Glen Robertson, with the approval of the council, directed city staff to, "Go ahead and get us some bids, and do good RFP's on, perhaps an entire siren system, as well as a separate RFP for a siren system that only covers the outdoor venues (parks, etc), as well as an RFP that does the mass notification system- IPAWS."

Mayor Robertson added, "Before this council can really delve into it we gotta have hard dollars (amounts)."

After receiving the RFP's the council will further discuss the issue in greater detail.