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Facebook is a very popular place to sell things online. There are just so many people on the social media giant that if you want to sell a car, couch, home decorations, etc. the first place many people turn is Facebook and the Facebook Marketplace. There are even different groups where you can buy, sell, and trade with people in your own city.

In some ways, it gives you a sense of security. If you are selling something on Facebook and another user reaches out to you, you already know their name and you already know what they allow you to see on Facebook. Of course you are hoping that the information is real.

Recently, my wife and I moved and we had some furniture that we were wanting to sell. We listed it on Facebook Marketplace and soon I had people contacting me. While most seemed legit, I got a bad vibe from a couple of potential buyers. At least 2 "buyers" turned out to be scammers who wanted me to send them my number so they could text me a link that I would, in theory, click on, leaving my device open to hacking and spoofing of my number.

If you are going to sell something on Facebook or any other site, know where to meet. Well lit areas are great as are parking lots with lots of cameras. One great place to meet is at the Lubbock Police Department at one of their Safe Exchange Zones. They are always monitored and well lit. Read more about them here from KFYO. The last thing you want is to become a victim like one Lubbock man recently became.

According to KAMC, Jahkevion Hill was arrested this past Wednesday in connected to an armed robbery that occurred in October. And it all started with a sell on Facebook.

According to the warrant, the victim met up with Hill near 2nd Place and Elgin Avenue to sell him the gaming console and controller.

When the victim handed the items over, the warrant stated he thought Hill was reaching for the money. However, the victim said Hill pulled out a gun and said if he did not “move away from the vehicle, he was going to shoot and kill him,” according to the warrant.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but this could have been much worse.

No matter where or how you sell your stuff, be smart about the information you give out and where and when you meet. Make some money, don't be a victim.

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