Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer discussed developments on the Farm Bill with Tom and Laura.

Regarding Farm Bill progress, Neugebauer said, "We're kind of starting to run out of rope here with Congress on the House side." He observed that there have been attempts to "iron out" some issues to get the discussion going forward. In addition, there are budget talks occurring between the House and Senate to get something set before the sequester that will make cuts January 1. He noted that although talks are taking place, often the decision waits until a "pressure point" or deadline that may lead to less effective action.

Neugebauer hopes the outcome of the discussions will lead to a budget number that can be agreed upon by the House and the Senate before the January 15 "continuing resolution" deadline. Referring to the deficits created during the 2008 "financial crisis," he believes the history of borrowing and spending of the Democrats is making it more difficult to come to a consensus on cuts to be made. He believes cuts can be made to unemployment benefits, suggesting not all unemployment benefit plans are useful and do not encourage the unemployed to seek jobs.

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