Learn More About The Constitutional Carry Law In Texas
Constitutional Carry has been the legal in Texas since September 1st, but that doesn't mean all Texans are knowledgeable on the new law and what it means for them. Part of being a responsible gun owner in America is knowing the laws and regulations, even if you don't agree with them...
Abbott Signs Texas Constitutional Carry Legislation
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed major gun legislation into law on Wednesday. House Bill 1927, also known as Texas Constitutional Carry or permitless carry, was signed by Abbott on Wednesday and will go into effect on September 1.
Beginning September 1, Texans 21 years old and older who are legally …
Don’t Celebrate Constitutional Carry In Texas Just Yet
Don't celebrate just yet if you are a fan of Constitutional Carry.
The Texas Senate on Wednesday approved House Bill 1927; but what Senators approved doesn't exactly match up with what the Texas House voted on previously. That means the bill will now head back to the House where it&apo…

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