After about month in session Texas House Speaker Joe Straus finally fulfilled his major obligation, as Speaker, of setting committee assignments.  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst set his committees for the Texas Senate 12 days earlier.  Back in 2009, for the 81st Legislature, Straus waited until February 12th to set committee assignments, so I guess he should be applauded for picking up the pace by three days.

Almost all State Reps were placed in at least two committees with some reps in as many as four or five committees.  You can read the full committee listings by clicking this link.

Out of the three Lubbock-area reps, John Frullo (R) from District 84 was placed in the most high profile committee; the State Affairs Committee.  Wednesday afternoon he commented on the assignment, "I am grateful to the Speaker for entrusting such important committee assignments to me.  It is an honor to be able to serve District 84 and the state of Texas on these key committees."  Frullo was also placed in the Government Efficiency & Reform Committee.

District 83's Charles Perry (R) was placed in the Corrections, Defense & Veterans' Affairs and Rules & Resolutions committees.

District 85's Jim Landtroop (R) was assigned to the Agriculture & Livestock and Defense & Veterans' Affairs committees.  Most of Landtroop's district covers rural West Texas and he was pleased with his assignments, “With agriculture a predominant issue in West Texas, this position will give me the ability to advocate for our producers, ranchers and dairies on issues key to their future success. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly. I committed to these industry leaders in the campaign and serving on the Agriculture & Livestock Committee will give me the opportunity to fulfill those promises.”

Landtroop's placement on the Agriculture & Livestock Committee makes sense.  No need for a bunch of 'city-slickers' to be on the Ag committee.

I think all three Lubbock-area reps will do well in their assignments.  Of course, the committees are where most of the 'real work' takes place in the Legislature and because of the short amount of time the Legislature meets every two years, their importance cannot be overstated.