Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is a Libertarian legend.

He is genuinely one of the nicest politicians I have met when he approached Cole Shooter and I at the Republican State Convention in 2008 to talk to us and ask how we were liking the convention and how long we have engaged in the political process. A very pleasant fellow.

That was Ron Paul, the average guy who was excited that two young men were active in their political process. Ron Paul the candidate for President is a completely different story.

Paul is very adamant on defending the Constitution, lowering tax rates, and stopping the creep of oppressive government intervention in our lives. That is about 90% of what I agree with him on and the other 10% are issues that the country cannot compromise on.

Paul's complete lack of sense in foreign policy is dangerous. The problems in the world aren't due to American foreign policy. The September 11th attacks were not brought on by America and to ignore our best ally in the Middle East, Israel, is tantamount to the Obama policy towards allies by sticking a thumb in their eyes and retreating back to Isolationism. For those of you scoring at home, yes, Isolationism led the United States to be months behind the war effort when attacked in 1941.

Libertarian philosophy has historically been at the center of conservative thought and philosophy for the past 70 years with men such as Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan leading the mantle of limited government and the rule of law.

Many of Ron Paul's supporters aren't actually Libertarians, but are Libertine Anarchists. The "Mob" mentality and doing what feels good no matter what the activity being conducted is the real driving force for Ron Paul's popularity with younger adults, not so much philosophy. I don't doubt Paul's libertarian credentials, but you have to wonder why he requested nearly $358 million dollars in earmarks in Fiscal Year 2010-2011. Not a very Libertarian thing to do, but not all people can hide their hypocrisy.

I won't touch the 9/11 truther comments by his supporters. Low hanging fruit.

Paul is a nice man who fights for what he believes and I agree with him 90% of the time. I just can't waffle on the other 10% which is the difference between Paul and a viable candidate like Governor Rick Perry.

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