It's a question that many, including the Washington Post have been asking. Will Senator Rand Paul be hurt politically by the statements of his father? His father of course is former Rep. Ron Paul. While Ron Paul has had some popular beliefs in the past, some things could come back to haunt his son's 2016 bid. The Washington Post provided one example from this weekend.

At the same time, his father — retired after 12 terms in Congress and three presidential runs — was in the ballroom of an airport hotel here, the final speaker at “a one-day seminar in breaking away from the central state.” He followed a series of speakers who said that the U.S. economy and political establishment were tottering and that the best response might be for states, counties or even individuals to break away.

“The America we thought we knew, ladies and gentlemen, is a mirage. It’s a memory. It’s a foreign country,” Jeff Deist, Ron Paul’s former press secretary and chief of staff, told the group. “And that’s precisely why we should take secession seriously.”

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