In the years after the death of former President Ronald Reagan in 2004, his two sons, Ron and Michael (former syndicated talk show host who was heard on KFYO), have sparred in the media.

Over the past few days excerpts from Ron Reagan's latest book state the President showed signs of Alzheimer's Disease while still in office.

The website Politics Daily caught up with Michael and got his response to Ron's book:

Michael Reagan blasted as "falsehoods and lies and conspiracy theories to sell books," the suggestion by half-brother Ron Reagan that their father may have had Alzheimer's disease while still in the White House.

"In order for that that happen, you would have to have doctors, the Secret Service and other family members all part of the same conspiracy," he told Politics Daily. Reagan's diagnosis of Alzheimer's was not announced publicly until 1994, five years after he left office.

Michael ripped the excerpt from Ron's book, "My Father at 100," that appears in Sunday's Parade magazine. Ron Jr. cites a 1989 post-presidential visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota after a riding accident. "Surgeons opening his skull to relieve pressure on the brain emerged from the operating room with the news that they had detected probable signs of Alzheimer's disease. Further tests conducted the following year confirmed those suspicions."

It's a shame that after all these years there is still in-fighting in the Reagan family about the legacy of one of America's most-loved presidents.  Of course with the celebration of Ronald Reagan's 100 birthday coming up next month, the Reagan name is back in the national spotlight.

Back when Michael Reagan was still hosting his national radio show he made two appearances in Lubbock over the course of 2003 and 2004.

He spoke with great reverence about his father and mother, Jane Wyman.

From what I remember, Ron wasn't really mentioned at all by Michael during his Lubbock appearances.

The Reagan Centennial Celebration will be held February 6th at the Reagan Presidential Library.  Click here to find out more.