Tomorrow, March 26, 2011, Redeemer Lutheran Church will celebrate being designated as a historic landmark by the city of Lubbock. The commemoration service will begin at 3 pm and will be followed by a reception in the parish hall.

Redeemer Lutheran was Lubbock's first Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod  (LCMS) congregation and its first building was constructed at the corner of 19th Street and Avenue R in 1932.

In 1949, Redeemer Lutheran Church moved to its current location at 22nd Street and Avenue W. Since then, two other LCMS churches, Christ Lutheran (1954) and Hope Lutheran Church and School (1989) have been developed from Redeemer.

In 2010, Redeemer was designated by Lubbock city council and historic preservation department as a historic landmark, in its 78th year of existence.

Redeemer Lutheran also sponsors KFYO's weekly broadcast of 'The Lutheran Hour', Sunday mornings at 8a on News/Talk 790, KFYO &