Pascal Le Segretain

Lots of blogs and articles have been written following the death of Joe Cocker, 70, to lung cancer.

I've been thinking about this since I heard the news and felt like I just needed to relate my memories of him.

I had the opportunity to interview him several years ago when he was in Lubbock for a show. The interview took place in the lobby of a hotel on Avenue Q.

I was waiting to meet him, wondering to myself what I would encounter. Exaggerated stories regarding his drug use, combined with my own perceptions, after seeing his performances which featured his jerky and writhing style, left me a little trepidatious about the interview.

What I encountered was quite the opposite.  He walked toward me and I remember thinking that he had a smaller build and was shorter than I expected.  Most celebrities and performers, aside from Alan Jackson, fit this bill.  He was dressed in jeans, a black shirt and jacket.  His demeanor was quiet and polite, yet to the point.  He commented on my "fetching" Texas accent and I returned the compliment on his gentle and very proper British accent.

He was every bit the professional and a perfect gentleman. He was also very humble in his approach and demeanor, but you could tell if pushed, he would cut the interview off in a heartbeat. It was an experience and he is a person I will always fondly remember.

My favorite song of Joe Cocker?  You Are So Beautiful.  His version is the best in my book.