The very first wedding has been held in a new venue at Texas Tech.

The Kent R. Hance Chapel hosted its first wedding last Saturday, nearly a year after breaking ground on the project.

The Hance Chapel, located between University Avenue and the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center, took more than $3 million to build, primarily from funds donated by Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance.

Others that donated to the chapel, including the late Margaret Talkington, allowed it to be built without the use of any taxpayer money. Revenues generated by the chapel and an endowment set up by private donors are being used to sustain its operations.

Beth Cochran and Daniel Moser were the couple that tied the knot in the new non-denominational, multifunction chapel.

“Several Generations of my family have graduated from Texas Tech, including me,” said Cochran. “This university has meant a lot to me and my family, so it is very special to be getting married on campus and celebrating this day at Texas Tech.”

Hance also commented, saying “This University is such a special place for me, just as it is for so many of our alumni. Having this first couple marry in the Hance Chapel is a wonderful feeling.”