On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, city council candidate Deanne Clark spoke with Chad Hasty about her campaign for District 3.

Yesterday, Clark's opponent Jeff Griffith appeared on the program, and announced his proposal to put a cap on the city's general fund debt. Clark replied that she found in "interesting" that Griffith is talking about it now that he's in a runoff, and that she has been talking about lowering city debt long before Griffith did.

"...not only were we talking about that before this campaign began, but certainly in the early days of the campaign. What I think has happened is that [Griffith] has been able to afford a poll, and is finding that that's what the peopl want done is to decrease the debt. So I guess we still have in District 3 enough people who care about debt and who care about taxes and who care about the hidden taxes. So they're going to speak out."

Clark also mentioned that she was also talking about city maintenance before Griffith did as well. She also added that she did not "beg" for the endorsement of former candidate Maurice Stanley, as Griffith earlier suggested, and even predicted that Griffith would greatly disappoint Stanley.

Clark has her own ideas for lowering city debt. She suggested taking one cent out of every dollar the city receives and putting it aside to slowly chip away at the debt. Clark also responded to criticism saying she was against everything goof for Lubbock. She explained that she was not against free enterprise and business in Lubbock, but that she was for taking care of what we already have and for lowering the city debt.

Deanne Clark and Jeff Griffith will have an hour-long debate on The Chad Hasty Show, Wednesday, June 11th, starting at 9 AM. For more information on Deanne Clark and her campaign for District 3, visit her website at votefordclark.com. Early voting begins Monday, June 9th and Election Day is June 21st.

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