On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show,District 3 city council candidate Jeff Griffith spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for city council.

One major topic that both candidates have been speaking on is the city debt. Griffith said that while some of the debt, such as revenue-based debt,  will eventually take care of itself, the more pressing issue is the general fund debt. He proposed putting a cap on the general fund debt, excluding public and safety services such as roads and water.

"As far as our general fund debt, that is what I'm concerned about. And I am now going to propose that we put a cap upon general fund debt for the next two years. That debt is at 187 million, which is over 11% of the city's total debt. it would exclude public safety and core service such as water, sewers and streets from the cap. But what we need to do is eliminate more spending. We've got to live within our means."

Griffith also strongly advocated completing the renovations on 34th street and keeping the tax rates low, saying that the city must learn to live within its means. He also spoke about his endorsement by former District 3 candidate Maurice Stanley, and said his opponent Deanne Clark seemed to focuses more on the city's needs than the needs of the citizens of District 3. Griffith also shared his thoughts on LP&L and possible rate increases, saying that those increases are not out of the question.

Early voting for the District 3 election will start Monday, June 9th, and Election Day is June 21st. For more information on Jeff Griffith and his campaign for city council District 3, visit his website at votejeffgriffith.com.

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