Texas Tech and West Virginia have had a strained history in basketball over the last several seasons. With both teams vying to claw their way out of the middle of the Big 12 to the top tier, the games have meant a lot to both teams and tensions have run high.

Bob Huggins has been at the center of most of the controversy between the two teams, getting mad at the Red Raiders for dancing after a win in Morgantown and by being an overall Grumpy Gus most of the time. WVU players have also been controversial, punching a Texas Tech fan as the students stormed the court, and a player on the bench tripping Matt Mooney during a game.

During Texas Tech's 78-65 victory over the Mountaineers, another WVU player got added to the controversy tally.

After the game, Texas Tech student Shelbie Rhodes took to Twitter, saying, "Bob Huggins & staff allow their players to do explicit motion’s towards girls in the stands implying certain actions & allows them to cuss at students as if they aren’t on the bench representing their university…"

Rhodes went on to single out West Virginia number five Dimon Carrigan for making rude gestures and cussing at the fans in attendance.


Carrigan responded to the Allegations on Twitter saying, "I’m a man before anything and I’m far from perfect. I play with my emotions on my sleeve. Might not make the best decision but my heart be in the right place."

Carrigan added: "TTU fans are hilarious. I never had an altercation with any other student fan section in my 5 years of college basketball. So maybe I was provoked and they said the right things to trigger me. All my comments where in general that game not towards and gender so relax."

There was some back in forth in the comments of the original tweet by Rhodes with many corroborating her story adding that Carrigan was "making sexual gestures and calling women disrespectful terms." I'm not sure how that's your 'heart being in the right place,' but never the less, that's what Carrigan claimed.

This is just another controversial story that goes down between West Virginia and Texas Tech. Funny how all of the controversies seemingly comes from Huggins and the Mountaineers.

Texas Tech Basketball Beats West Virginia at the USA

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