President Trump Wants to See College Football This Fall
President Donald Trump wants college football to happen.
Amid the panic on this weekend that the Pac 12 and Big Ten were reportedly canceling their seasons and on the heels of the MAC and other schools and conferences officially canceling their seasons the President weighed in on twitter using t…
Texas Tech Transfers the Reins to the 59th Masked Rider
The Masked Rider has been an integral part of Texas Tech lore since they galloped out in front of the team in the 1954 Gator Bowl. Since then, there have been 58 more Masked Riders, including the most recent, Emily Brodbeck.
Brodbeck completed 360 appearances as the Masked Rider during the turbulent …
Texas Tech Football Issues COVID-19 Testing Update
Back on June 26th, Texas Tech Director of Athletics Communications Matt Dowdy said that out of 197 coronavirus tests, 23 members of the football program tested positive. That testing included both student-athletes and staff.
Since June 26th, the City of Lubbock has confirmed 3,903 posi…

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