Early voting for the May 5 municipal elections begins on Monday and one issue on the ballot still has many in Lubbock split. The question being asked to City of Lubbock voters, should Lubbock abandon the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum and Auditorium. The City of Lubbock claims that they lose $700,000 a year on the two buildings and that it would costs millions to rehab the facilities. Those in support of abandoning the facilities claim the costs outweigh the benefits of the facilities and that private investors could build a new dirt floor event center near the airport. Those against abandoning the two buildings seem to fall into two different camps. One camp wants to hold the City accountable for bond money that was approved for the Auditorium and Civic Center in 2004, but money was never spend on the Auditorium. The other camp are those in Lubbock who consider the buildings iconic and believe that the City of Lubbock should spend the money to rehab the two facilities. There are passionate feelings on both sides of the vote.

How would you vote?

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