Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Randy Christian joined Matt Martin and Paul R. Beane to talk about last night's city council meeting as well as other Lubbock news.

Councilman Christian discussed several subjects including the water levels in Lubbock and Lake Alan Henry, lemonade stand and ice cream truck permits, police substations in Lubbock, a city budget increase, ERCOT and power outages, leftover money after the demolition of the coliseum-auditorium, another dirt arena, downtown redevelopment after the crash of Reagor Dykes, and more.

Some in Lubbock believe that by using police substations, more officers will be off the streets patrolling and keeping an eye out for people in their areas, effectively doing the opposite of what the substations are being constructed for. Christian was asked how he feels about the substations. Randy explained that he thinks that the substations will do exactly what they are being built for, and that it will be an opportunity for officers to know all of the people in a given neighborhood, and the other way around.

The City Councilman was also asked about ERCOT and the concern of the possibility of several power outages once the switch is made. When asked if he thinks that ERCOT will be a reliable source of power for Lubbock, Randy said that power outages are always to be expected, especially when it gets hot, but that he does believe it will be a reliable source.

Christian was also asked about downtown redevelopment, specifically after the crash of Reagor Dykes, and what is ahead for downtown Lubbock. Randy said that he does not think that the problems with Reagor Dykes will have an impact on downtown Lubbock and that there are possibilities for many things ahead.

Watch the full interview with Randy Christian in the video above.

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