Today, I’d like to introduce readers to Ken Block, probably the most famous American driver that hardly anyone in the United States knows.

Mr. Block is rally/stunt driver, who is currently with Hoonigan Ford Racing. He started rally racing in 2005 in a Subaru WRX STi (a fantastic car that is usually ruined for the rest of us by the people that drive them), with five top five finishes and a rookie of the year award. Block is one of only 4 Americans that have scored points in the World Rally Championship Series. In 2009, Block achieved world fame after appearing in an amazing driving video on British Top Gear where he drifts through pretty much an entire airport, including an aircraft hanger. Block recently released a video called Gymkhana 7, in which he drives a custom built 1965 Mustang with all wheel drive called the Hoonicorn RTR, that has a Roush Yates V8 which produces a staggering 845 horsepower. I recommend you watch the video posted below of Block’s Top Gear appearance. If it doesn’t make you want to drift through aircraft hangers, I’m betting that you aren’t alive.

The picture in this post is the closest I could post of a Rally inspired car, my former track-day car the Mugen Si.