The Car Pro Test Drives The 2019 Ford 150 Transit Van
"The first surprise for me was how well this thing drove. I expected it to be like driving a school bus or perhaps a motorhome, if you've ever driven one of those, and it was nothing like that. This thing was very nimble, it had a really tight turning radius, it was easy to park, the visib…
Another Day, Another Recall. This Time Seat Belts.
Doesn’t seem like a week can go by without another recall in the news.
Ford is back in the recall spotlight after announcing a recall involving seat belts in 117,000 vehicles. It affects 2015 F-150 trucks and E-series vans, 2014 & 2015 Escape SUV’s and the 2015…
The Nanny State Is Coming To New Fords & A Top Gear Announcement
Ford is installing new technology that will know speed limits, and will keep drivers from exceeding the speed limit on the new S-Max that is being launched in Europe.
Engadget reports the system uses a camera mounted on the windshield that looks for road signs and automatically adjusts the cars speed…

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