The general public and city employees will soon have a way of anonymously reporting city employees who aren't doing what they should be doing. According to KAMC-TV, the city is preparing and taking bids for a fraud, waste, and abuse hotline. Leisa Hutcheson with the City of Lubbock told KAMC that the hotline will be available 24 hours a day online and via phone.

"We've got about 22 hundred employees [with the City of Lubbock]. There's no way that one of them somewhere isn't doing something they shouldn't be doing," Hutcheson said. "99 percent of the employees are great folks and do great jobs and care about the community, but you're always going to have that small percentage of people who don't."

Hutcheson explained that in the past, city employees have stolen materials and time while on the job.

"We have had employees steal time, falsify timecards and get paid for time when they didn't work. We have had individuals work with people outside of the organization and create false invoices that got paid and they shared the money," Hutcheson said.

"There have been things in the news in the last few years, instances where employees have stolen copper or other metals and sold them," Hutcheson added."In fact one of the ways we found out about one of those same thefts was from a metal recycling company."

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