Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, City Councilman Victor Hernandez, candidate for Mayor of Lubbock, joined Chad in the KFYO studio to talk about his run for mayor, and to share his positions on several subjects.

Hernandez answered questions from Hasty and the two discussed many issues, including taxes, transportation, downtown revitalization and the controversial topic of sanctuary cities.

Hernandez publicly carries the opinion that many parts of the city are often ignored by the city government. Hasty asked Hernandez to give an example of where the city has not looked at the city as a whole.

"The biggest gaping hole if you will has been in central and north and east Lubbock. They've been ignored to a large extent," Hernandez said. "You talk about the infusion of monies into other parts of town, especially transportation projects. Millions and millions of dollars were spent for transportation projects in southwest, west, and now northwest Lubbock. Well, that's all great and good, and it spurs some economic development, but you can't leave the rest of the city behind. You need to invest in to the rest of the city. We're all part of this city. But transportation is definitely a good example."

Since substantial rows have taken place in the past over the issue of legislation banning sanctuary cities in Texas, the issue was brought up by Hasty.

"It's confusing an issue, it's an emotional issue, it's a political issue, it's a hate issue, and people are feeding off of that," said Hernandez. "And I'm saying, look, let municipalities do their job. Our local law enforcement is that -- local law enforcement."

Listen to the entire interview with Victor Hernandez in the video above.

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