With Lubbock's race for Lubbock mayor in full swing, Tom and Laura sat down with each of the candidates to talk about their ideas. Victor Hernandez is currently one of the three running for the Mayor's spot.

Victor visited the KFYO studios to sit down with Tom Collins and Laura Mac show talk about his stance on money policies and the public's relations with the City and take calls from listeners.

He addressed spending, relationships, and citizen's representation. Hernandez says he wants to provide a balanced approach to government.

"What I will tell folks and what I've been telling folks is that the interests of the 'establishment,' that 10 percent of the city has always been looked after and will always be looked after," Hernandez said. "It's the other 90 percent of us whose interests are not being taken care of or being taken into account. That's what I bring to the table."

Hernandez said he also wants to talk about issues that are "uncomfortable," such as the amount of homeless people in Lubbock and the STD rates.

"As a city, you've got to be holistic in your approach and not put on these blinds that say we're only going to cater to a few and we're only going to cater to economic development efforts," said Hernandez. "No, no -- you have to manage this entire city and all parts of the city. I'm going to be looking at the 90 percent of the citizens of Lubbock who make up this city who traditionally have not had a voice."

The interview can be heard in its entirety in the video above or on KFYO's YouTube channel.

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