District 1 Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez continued his attacks on State Senator Charles Perry and Perry's authorship of SB 185 which would ban Sanctuary Cities in Texas.

Just days after calling Perry a racist and bigot while claiming that SB 185 is an act of terrorism against Hispanics in Texas, Hernandez claims on Facebook that he faxed 30 State Senators a fake job posting.

The job posting reads "open to all current Texas state senators*," with the asterisk reading, "People of Goodwill (a disposition to kindness and compassion) in SD28 are Equal Opportunity Employers."

Senate District 28 is the district which Sen. Perry represents.

Hernandez did so as a representative of the Lubbock City Council.

Below is what Hernandez posted on his personal Facebook page:


Today, Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez faxed the following job posting to 30 of the 31 current Texas State Senators.

JOB POSTING (EXTERNAL): OPEN TO ALL CURRENT TEXAS STATE SENATORS* (ISO A Texas State Senator to Represent the Interests of SD28 on an Interim Basis)

Dear Senator __________,

The vast majority of the Hispanic community in Senatorial District 28, which sprawls over all or part of 51 West Texas counties, is in search of fair and just representation in the Texas State Senate. Additionally, men and women of goodwill, (of all races and ethnicities) join in this quest for a State Senator who is pragmatic, moderate and attentive to all segments of the population who live, raise their families, and work in SD28.

Unfortunately, due to the current officeholder's inadequacies, a lack of confidence as well as a lack of trust now exist. It follows, a vacuum in leadership now prevails in SD28 and requires that this informal post be filled immediately.

The following is a list of minimum qualifications. However, it should be noted that the individual qualifications mentioned below are not listed in any particular order of importance. It should also be assumed that all listed qualifications are of equal weight. Minimum qualifications needed for the position include:

1. A person who believes in finding pragmatic solutions to developing and/or currently existing issues, based upon relevant facts;
2. A person who balances community interests with business interests;
3. A person who is fiscally responsible while taking into account the health, safety and welfare needs of citizens;
4. A person who understands and has a healthy respect for the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government: federal, state, county and municipal;
5. A person with religious values;
6. A person who respects the dignity and worth of human possibility and rejects preying upon the weakness of others;
7. A person who is moderate in viewpoint and rejects extremism, special interest influences and anti-government rhetoric;
8. A person who preserves their oath of office to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas;
9. A person who doesn't vote strictly along party lines;
10. A person who believes in transparency in government;
11. A person who listens, debates, weighs all options and if necessary, is willing to evolve their position in order to further the interests of SD28, of Texas and/or of the United States; and
12. A person who doesn't intentionally mislead the public.

I appreciate your consideration.


Victor Hernandez
City Councilman, District 1
City of Lubbock

*People of Goodwill (a disposition to kindness and compassion) in SD28 are Equal Opportunity Employers

So far, no one on the Lubbock City Council has stated whether they agree or disagree with Hernandez or if they support SB 185.

We will of course talk about this Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show.

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