Thursday on the P.M. edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan joined the broadcast to talk about the controversial end of the 87th Texas Legislature, with blame being cast about over some of the priority conservative items being left in the lawmaking process unfinished, with time having run out on the session.

When asked by Hasty about Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's ire heard earlier in the week on the afternoon edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Phelan said,

The two days he's talking about, the House not being in session, was actually a direct response to the Senate not doing the House's work. They weren't referring our bills, they weren't hearing our bills. These were priority bills for the House, priority bills for Mr. Burrows and for Frullo, and I'm sure bills that Senator Perry wanted to pass as well.

Listen to the entire interview with Speaker Dade Phelan in the player above. 

Phelan also told Hasty that he blames the Senate for how Senate Bill 7 moved through.

If anyone wants to complain about scheduling in the House, I lay the blame right at the feet of the Senate, for giving us that conference committee report so late & filled with so many errors.

When asked if Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is lying about who is to blame about the death of S.B. 7, Phelan said he wouldn't say Patrick was lying, just that Patrick doesn't understand the rules of the House.

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