Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, Scott Braddock, editor of QuorumReport.comjoined the broadcast to talk about the end of the regular 87th Texas Legislature session, possible agendas for the coming special sessions, the resignation of Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, and more.

While discussing the resignation and possible plans of West, Braddock said,

It's mixed reviews [of] somebody who was pretty divisive even within the Republican Party, and is leaving the job less than a year into it, so folks are now of course speculating what's he going to do next. This is somebody with a history of running for office, but also a history of losing to a Democrat. And now you have folks running for [Texas GOP] Chairman that also include a candidate who lost to a Democrat a couple of years ago: Matt Renaldi is a former state rep from Irving, as well as David Covey who is a member of the state Republican Executive Committee, both of these pretty conservative guys. I can imagine that one of them will be a little more focused party purity, the other more focused on building the party.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock in the video above.  

More news, information and commentary from Braddock may be found at: 

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