Thursday on Sunrise LBK with Dave King and Tom Collins, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Tom to talk about his test drive of the week, an important infrastructure bill, how car prices have risen over the years, as well as other auto industry news.

This week The Car Pro was test driving the 2021 GMC Yukon XL 4x4 Duramax Diesel, a car that Jerry has test driven before, although not in the extended XL version. Jerry started the discussion by saying that when they redid the GM SUVs, they made them all bigger, and this one is no exception, being very large. Despite this, the car is very maneuverable. "The turning radius is really tight, it's not hard to park at all, and I think that was one of the changes that they made for 2021 was the turning radius, and it really made a difference," Jerry said.

The 2021 Yukon has a 3 liter Duramax Diesel, the same engine that they put in the Chevy and GMC pickups, and it has a lot of torque, which allows it to tow 8,100 lbs., which Jerry says is substantial. The car also has an outstanding interior, with a DVD system with screens on the back of the front seats, lots of safety features, wifi, and a ton of cargo room. Reynolds explained that with the 3rd row seats folded down, you get 144 cubic feet of cargo area, but even with them up, there is still a massive amount of room, which he says is great for travel. Additionally, it gets 27 miles to the gallon on the highway, allowing you to drive 765 miles. The car has a window sticker prices of $85,000, and Jerry says it comes completely loaded with every feature you can think of. Jerry even attempted to search everywhere on their website to try to find something that this car did not have, and was unable to.

The Car Pro also talked about some stories on his website One story covered a massive 800 page infrastructure bill in Congress right now, where around page 550, the bill talks about some things that will affect how people drive automobiles for years to come. Another story talks about the Auto Auction coming to Dallas. And finally, a story about how gas prices will be higher than ever around this time of year during Labor Day this year.


Read more stories at and listen to the full interview in the audio above.

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