Jackie Moon, the All-Star Power Forward for the Flint Tropics of Flint, Michigan might have shown up to cheer on the Michigan Wolverines, but a Texas Tech fan, and the team, quickly made him change his mind and go full Red Raider.

Shout-out to Sharon Curtis for doing the lord's work in Anaheim.

You might think this looks like Will Ferrell, and it does look like him, but it's definitely Jackie Moon. I mean, check out the warm-up jacket. Let's get tropical. Maybe he can fight with Texas Tech's bear Norense Odiase at halfcourt during halftime of the Elite 8 game.

It's no surprise that Jackie Moon loves Chris Beard and the Red Raiders. Beard and Moon do use some of the same catchphrases, like, "everybody love everybody."

And how could Tariq Owens have learned how to finish off an alley-oop if Jackie Moon hadn't invented it?

I wonder who will show up in the Elite 8 on Saturday. Maybe Ron Burgundy?


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