Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Steve Massengale joined Dave and Matt to talk about the state of brick streets, a proposed tornado siren system around the city, the proposed budget including a tax decrease, and more.

Massengale started the conversation when he was asked about the brick streets in downtown Lubbock. Some people wish for bricks streets to stay for historical value, and many want them gone due to their poor condition. Massengale said that no one showed up to the meeting to give any comment about brick streets yesterday, but that he is still aware that some people want them to stay. He also said that there is nothing currently in the budget to do anything about them, and if something were to happen, it would likely come from a bond. It has been proposed and approved previously by Councilman Griffith that some brick streets be preserved, while others removed. Massengale said,

I think what we approved and what will come back before us maintains a good balance of respecting the history of our downtown, but at the same time being able to provide streets that are drivable and that are going to be cost effective to maintain in the future.

Another decisive issue that the councilman discussed was about the idea of having a siren alert system in Lubbock, with sirens placed all around the city to warn in the case of a tornado. A siren system has been proposed for a million dollars, but the city council has not yet approved it. Massengale explained that siren system technology has come a long way, and also said that for every person who doesn't want it, there is another person who does.

Other topics discussed at the city council meeting, as well as on the show included them finalizing the election for November 3rd, some 2nd readings on zoning cases, a parking garage near citizens tower getting pulled by the city manager, the proposed budget which included a tax decrease, and more.


Watch the full interview with City Councilman Steve Massengale in the video above.

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