Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Griffith joined Dave and Matt to talk about the streets committee in Lubbock, removing and preserving brick streets, the ownership of Slide road changing, and more.

Griffith started the discussion by talking about how he and two other city council members are part of the Streets Committee in Lubbock, and that they have been working all year on analyzing over 1,100 miles of streets in Lubbock, and figuring out the negatives and positives. He talked about how brick streets have been an issue for a long time, and how there are currently about 52 miles of unpaved streets.

They proposed at the meeting a street ordinance that would preserve 5 brick streets in Lubbock, and would remove the others from the list of future preservation. The list of preserved streets would be: Broadway from University to Ave E, Crickets street from 17th st to Broadway, Buddy Holly from 16th to 8th st, Texas Ave from 19th and 7th st, and Ave J from 16th and 19th st. Griffith explained that brick streets are very expensive to maintain, and these have been a maintenance nightmare for the public streets department. The ordinance was passed 4-3 at the meeting, and will have a 2nd reading in the future.

Councilman Griffith also discussed the city of Lubbock taking over Slide road from the loop to county road 1730, which was previously being taken care of by the state. When asked if he thought that this was a bad time to be taking on such a responsibility in the midst of the pandemic, Griffith explained that the city has been involved and working with TXDOT for several months, that they felt confident that it was in proper condition, and that everything has been met as far as ownership goes. Griffith said,

We felt like time was right on this.


Watch the full interview with Jeff Griffith in the video above.

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