Chris Beard is the head coach of the Texas Tech basketball team and is beloved by all. He begins every Fireside Chat with "Tech Students and Red Raider Nation," as a way of reaching out to the fanbase he wants to connect with.

Beard has always been a man of the people and knows that he needs the fans to have a successful program. There's a distinct advantage when you have support at home games. You can see that across the country, and you can definitely see it at Texas Tech. The head coach of the basketball program has worked incredibly hard to cultivate a relationship with the fans of Texas Tech basketball, and today those fans had a chance to give back.

On Chris Beard's 48th birthday, Texas Tech basketball had a press conference where Beard talked about the Red Raiders' upcoming game with Kansas and, in what's been a tough week following a public reprimand and yo-yo of a basketball schedule, I think Beard needed the show of support.

That's where Red Raider Nation comes in via Zoom to sing "Happy Birthday":

I'm not going to be cynical and comment on the terrible quality of the rendition of the song. My mom taught me at a young age to be nice. She also taught me that the thought behind a gift was more important than the gift. There's nothing that most fans can give to Beard that he couldn't get himself, but to come together and show support is something special that Beard can cherish.

Unless you can buy him a practice facility, stick with the birthday wishes.

We did have one listener that wanted to gift him better officiating back in 2019, but unless Dan Isett is Dr. Strange's civilian name, I don't think that will happen.

Happy 48th birthday to Coach Beard. Maybe go get yourself a trophy for a birthday gift to yourself.

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